Use Case

Initial situation:

For the extraordinary federal party conference of the Austrian People’s Party, SOUND BRANDS VIENNA was once again chosen after 2021 by the agency MEDIA CONTACTA develop the sound branding for the event taking place in Graz.


Initial sound

As a basis for all following arrangements this version was developed as a starting point (composition, production and mastering).

Animated logo

The visual and animated logo was part of the specifications that had to be considered when designing the sound branding

Transition to the European anthem

Austria is located in the heart of Europe, this was commented by the presenter and accompanied by a visual and animated presentation. The music was produced synchronously to the video animation and extended with an arrangement that leads to the European anthem.

Appearance of the Chancellor

When a personality performs within an event, music plays a crucial role in reaching the audience emotionally. In this case, an arrangement was deliberately produced to “clap along”. 

Use Case

Initial situation:

The starting point was the visual branding, the corporate philosophy and a clear idea regarding the goal and the communication strategy.

Used for

  • Telephone announcements
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Podcasts
  • Image film

audible brand

visual logo

Part of a company’s branding is the visible brand logo. The logo graphically contains the identity in the form of color, design, font and graphic representation.

audio Logo

Is an excerpt from the brand song. Both are immediately recognised as one unit.

animated Logo

Used as an intro for all visual presentations, such as a corporate image film. 
Visual and auditory stimuli increase the range of perception. Through the audible image  


Brand Music

Funky instrumental.
Karma Marketing’s brief was an invigorating, driving soundtrack with acoustic instruments, earthy and some electronic elements. The beat is programmed and sounds electronic, mixed with oldschool funk elements followed by chorus-like lead guitar elements.

alternative arrangement

Chillout - Version

In this case, the original arrangement for the company has been changed. Chilly moves, matching the imagery.

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